Inspired by Wales’ ‘Year of Legends’, Ymgais 2018 Quest is an 8-week programme which aims to introduce catch-up reading groups aged 11-13 (pupils from Ysgol Aberconwy), identified as having limited access to cultural opportunities, to the rich collections within Bangor University’s Centre for Arthurian Studies and the research into the Grail quest story done by Prof. Raluca Radulescu, Centre’s director - as a vehicle to ignite a deeper interest in stories and ways of telling them.

Community Theatre Practitioner, and experienced writer & storyteller, Gillian Brownson, uses live interactive storytelling, theatre games, writing workshops and video gaming (with the support of PhD volunteer student Kate Stuart from School of Creative Studies and Media) to challenge its participants to think about the idea of the Quest, as presented in the legends of King Arthur and in today’s popular video games. From there, the group will be invited to create an original story inspired by the legends in the centre’s archives. 

Gillian Brownson will be encouraging the participants to be reflective about their experiences, using a blog to publish vox pop style video diaries from the group, as well as some creative surveying tools (creative games and forum discussions), which will offer an insight into the effect of the project on the individuals in the group. A desire to inspire a growth mind-set in young people underpins much of Gillian’s work, helping them on their way to find their path in school as well as in life.

Assessment of the impacts would lead to a literacy development partnership in the area. The programme can change the way in which BU is integral to raising aspirations in young people as well as inspiring their teachers, and adding to their skills base.


Cyllidwyd gan Gyfrif Cyflymu Effaith (IAA) yr ESRC ym Mhrifysgol Bangor

Funded by the Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)